Carie McNeil

VP Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Ms. McNeil serves an important role for Taylor Derrick Capital (TDC) in the development, implementation and management of TDC’s investor relations, marketing and compliance initiatives. Ms. McNeil liaises directly with investors to promptly handle inquiries, manage documents and keep investors proactively informed of fund developments.

Ms. McNeil holds almost two decades of real estate experience including over six years with TDC. Prior to joining TDC, Ms. McNeil founded a successful boutique real estate business in Henderson, Nevada that focused on niche real estate product/area expertise. Ms. McNeil’s business built upon her prior experience as a high-volume Realtor for Richmond American Homes in Las Vegas, Nevada and previous businesses in retail and manufacturing that she owned and operated. Ms. McNeil began her career working in investor relations for a publicly traded mining company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ms. McNeil holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.