Nick Etherington

VP Underwriting
Loan Underwriting, Loan Origination & Asset Management

Mr. Etherington identifies and cultivates borrower, broker, bank and other synergistic firm relationships to promote Taylor Derrick Capital’s (TDC) deal flow, debt and equity diversification and overall firm growth. With over 12 years of commercial and residential real estate experience, Mr. Etherington is responsible for the strict evaluation and vetting of potential loan opportunities through in-depth financial market analysis, property analysis, site visits and evaluation of deal viability and exit strategies.

Prior to joining TDC, Mr. Etherington served as Portfolio Manager at Zions Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah where he performed in-depth analysis on commercial real estate transactions and managed approximately $400 million in real estate assets. He also worked for Leucadia National Corporation on three large-scale development projects in Florida and Utah. Mr. Etherington started his career in real estate as an agent with Re/Max Associates in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mr. Etherington holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the College of William and Mary and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Utah.