Carie McNeil


Ms. McNeil directly oversees all aspects of investor relations for Taylor Derrick Capital (TDC) including the creation, planning and execution of investor programs. Ms. McNeil develops and maintains relationships with investors and is instrumental in the organic growth of the firm’s investor base, as it relates to TDC’s overall growth. Ms. McNeil works closely with the compliance, operations and finance teams to ensure that the raising and deployment of capital work in tandem while remaining accessible and responsive to all investors, ensuring the quality, high-priority customer service on which the firm was built.

Ms. McNeil, who holds over 20 years of real estate experience, joined TDC in 2012 gaining exposure and experience in many aspects of the organization and gravitating to investor relations as the firm grew. Before joining TDC in 2012, Ms. McNeil founded a successful boutique real estate business in Henderson, Nevada that focused on niche real estate product/area expertise. Prior to that, Ms. McNeil was a high-volume Realtor in Las Vegas, Nevada for a nationwide homebuilder. Ms. McNeil also previously owned and operated her own businesses in retail and manufacturing. Ms. McNeil began her career working in investor relations for a publicly traded mining company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ms. McNeil holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.