TDC Board of Advisors

Robert Simmons – CFO, Skywest Airlines

Mr. Simmons has extensive experience in managing growth-oriented companies. He serves currently as the Chief Financial Officer of SkyWest Inc., a $4 billion publicly traded company that owns and operates SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines. Prior to SkyWest, Mr. Simmons was a Partner at Bendigo Partners and Chief Financial Officer for E*TRADE Financial.


Michael Sansom – Principal, Sussex Group

Mr. Sansom has thirty-nine years of diversified business experience in real estate investment, development, distressed loan purchases, private lending, finance (domestic and international), housing revenue bond restructuring, operation and management. Mr. Sansom is Co-Founder and Principal at Sussex Group, LLC, a Real Estate Investment Banking/Development firm which was established in 1989.


David Parkin – Partner, Tower Arch Capital

Mr. Parkin is currently a Partner at Tower Arch Capital, a private equity fund. Prior to Tower Arch, Mr. Parkin was a Partner at Huntsman Gay Global Capital where he served on several boards of directors and worked closely with Huntsman Gay’s portfolio companies and management teams. Prior to joining Huntsman Gay, Mr. Parkin worked for Huntsman Corporation, where he served as VP of Global Intermediates, which had annual revenues that exceeded $2.5 billion.


Lon Secrist – CEO, Tetra Corporate Services

Mr. Secrist founded Tetra Corporate Services (Tetra) in 1986 and continues to be a driving force behind the company’s success. Tetra has conducted business with many Fortune 500 companies, as well as structuring creative leasing options for smaller middle-market businesses. Mr. Secrist’s vast experience in sales, financing and leasing transactions has contributed greatly to the longevity of Tetra.