“…more flexible than a bank and more reliable than a typical hard money lender.”

Taylor Derrick Capital actively lends to homebuilders, commercial developers and other real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. We specialize in loans between $1MM and $30MM. Our creative loan structures are more flexible than a bank’s and much more transparent and reliable than a typical hard money lender.

We Never Miss a Funding Date

Taylor Derrick Capital manages a large pool of capital, allowing for quick deal review and loan funding without the involvement of third parties for approval or capital. This structure is of substantial benefit to our borrowers, as Taylor Derrick Capital does not commit to a loan unless the capital is available. Once we provide a term sheet, we stick to terms and never miss a funding date.

An Alternative to Bank Financing

Every real estate professional needs a source of quick, reliable capital and Taylor Derrick Capital has proven they can be that source. While many of our borrowers have existing relationships with banks, they have found that there is always a need for debt capital that is more accessible in terms of timing and flexibility. When working with existing relationships, we can fund in as little as a week, which allows our borrowers to secure the best deals in a short time frame. Typically, we can loan to a higher LTV/LTC than a bank can, meaning your equity can stretch further.



– Construction
– Bridge
– Mezzanine Financing (2nd Position)
– Preferred Equity



– Rate: 9%-12%
– Origination: 0%-3%
– LTV: Up to 75%
– LTC: Up to 90%
– Loan Size: $1MM-$30MM
– Loan Term: 3-24 Months
– Recourse: Non-Recourse Available
– Footprint: UT, CO, NV, AZ, ID, TX, MT, CA, OR and WA
– Funding: 2-4 Weeks
– Prepayment Penalties: None